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Residential Maintenance Plans

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Like all equipment, your generator will last longer and perform better with regular maintenance. This not only ensures the highest level of performance, safety and reliability in your system – but it also enhances your home’s resale value by showing proof of maintenance to prospective buyers.
Regularly scheduled Maintenance by a certified factory trained dealer is required, to uphold the warranty of your unit. If your equipment has not received its yearly checkup your warranty may be voided by factory. Don’t let this happen to you!
Florida Power House offers full maintenance plans covering all parts and labor tailored to meet your needs. Call our Maintenance Department for details at (305) 256-0241

Our Yearly Maintenance Agreement is your BEST PROTECTION for your valuable power system.

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Your Scheduled Maintenance Plan Includes:

Full Generator 78 Point Inspection of all Systems:
Oil Change and Tune Up:

Miami Home Generator Maintenance

At Florida Power House, we provide routine home generator maintenance in Miami. Measures like these annual check-ups on your home generator will help to prevent any costly breakdowns or damages in the future. Our team of experienced technicians is able to inspect your home generator thoroughly and detect any potentials issues or reasons for concern in a timely manner. We are more than happy to discuss a customized or annual Miami residential generator maintenance program with you today. Having this plan in place will ensure that your generator will last long and perform to the best of its ability at the necessary times.

Many people are unfamiliar with the type of maintenance necessary for a generator due to the fact that it’s something that is not always used.

You should start with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and then tweak it accordingly based on our expertise and guidance. In many cases, the maintenance schedule will be based on the generator engine’s hours or based on time periods (i.e. annual maintenance checks). The scheduled maintenance will depend on your specific needs and usage. Of course, the more a generator is used, the more maintenance it will require. An important element to keep in mind is the weather and environment with which you live in. For example, hot and humid conditions that we see in Miami will warrant special service.

Miami Home Generator Maintenance Checklist

It is usually recommended to create weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual checklists for your Miami home generator maintenance. At Florida Power House, we will create these checklists for you and provide you with our recommended service schedule.

Some items that are usually recommended within these checklists include:

Florida Power House Miami Home Generator Maintenance

Having a home generator is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Generators last for many years and are able to provide comfort and protection during a time when the power has been lost. The more you maintain and care for your generator, the longer it will last and the less expensive it will be to continue to maintain.

Many homeowners tend to skip the routine maintenance option because they want to try and save costs. However, this is a big mistake. If you do not have scheduled Miami residential generator maintenance, then you may miss an issue or error. This results in the generator incorrectly operating or not even turning on during the most critical times. If you were concerned enough to purchase a generator for your home, then you will want to invest in a maintenance routine for it as well.

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