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Gas Tank 1

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3….


Phase One
  • Onsite Survey with our Consultant to determine your needs
  • We’ll provide you with Options and quote a price for each scenario
  • You Accept the Quote by signing and providing the Deposit to begin
  • Permit documents are signed to be presented at the City
  • You will provide us with a current Site Survey, otherwise one will be requested for you, at cost. (If also installing a generator, 2 Elevation Certificates will be required)
  • Once we have these documents, your plans are drawn by our gas masters and engineers as needed.
  • Plans are taken to the City or Municipality where the job will be performed- Fees are paid.
  • When plans are Approved and Permit is granted, the documents are placed on-site to begin.


Excavating for a Tank
Tank vs. Man
Tank vs. Man 6ft


Phase Two
  • All utilities are alerted and clearance to dig is obtained – The area is marked for excavation.
  • Work will begin at the site – Heavy Equipment will Excavate the hole to fit the tank and Trench for piping.
  • A concrete slab will be provided to rest and anchor the tank upon for Counter Buoyancy.
  • The Underground Gas Tank will be delivered and set in place by a crane and strapped to the slab. Anodes will be provided to avoid rusting of the underground tank.
  • If installing an Above Ground Tank, then no digging will be involved and tanks are placed on slabs and secured in a location that is in compliance with code.
  • Piping and connections work will be completed; valves, regulators, & UG pipe run to each appliance.
  • A Rough Inspection & Pressure Test will be done by the City to assure all is kept to code.
  • The Tank will be covered with Clean Fill & only the Tank Dome will remain visible & accessible to gas fill.


Phase Three
  • Final connections will be made to all gas appliances in the home
  • The tank will be filled with Gas and the drop test performed.
  • Final inspection will be called to complete the installation.


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