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Gas Repair and Maintenance Plan

At FPH we help you maintain your investment for a nominal yearly fee!

What is Cathodic Protection?

Cathodic Protection & Maintenance is necessary when installing an underground tank.

The earth’s natural electric current that occurs in water and land has an adverse effect on metal objects that are in the ground or water. This is called Electrolysis and will “eat through” a metal object.

Underground propane tanks are subject to Electrolysis and need to be protected from it with anode bags attached to the tank and placed in the hole before it is covered with back-fill. This Anode bag absorbs the electrical currents in the earth that would have targeted the tank resulting in damage. The bags must be checked to make sure they are still effective and replaced when needed.

Underground Propane Tank
UG Tank with Anodes

Top Tank Cleaning… Why?

Performing this service is very important to extend the life of your LP Fuel Regulator, and to avoid Corrosion on the top of your underground propane tank.

At the time of the top tank cleaning we also check for Gas leaks. While doing this, we verify that your underground LP tank was installed with the proper Cathodic Protection.

Top Tank Dirty
Before Top Tank Cleaning
Top Tank Clean After
After Top Tank Cleaning


Remember… you own this tank and must protect your investment. Digging out a rusty, leaky tank is not only Costly, but also an Environmental Hazard that must be handled according to regulations and properly disposed of.


FPH will come out to your property and replace a defective dome or regulator!

What is A Drop Test ? And why do I need one?

A Drop Test Checks for Leaks in your lines and joints or faulty valves. Corrosion is so prevalent in Florida due to our geography, that it is good to do this at least once a year and not only when you install new piping or appliances. A Gas Leak is dangerous.

A Gas gauge is required to determine a drop in the pressure which indicates a leak in the system. The leak is located using an approved leak detector or by using leak detection fluid. The different pipe sections, joints or valves will be checked. Once the leak is located, the section will be repaired and the system tested again.

Drop Test Certification will be provided upon passing our test.

Call us today for this necessary Maintenance of your Fuel Gas Systems before an emergency occurs… (305) 256-0241

Do you Smell a rotten egg odor near your gas appliance?

Shut off the Main Gas Valve Immediately and Call your Supplier!

Gas Tankless Water Heater


Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Your Noritz or Rinnai tankless water heater develops build-up due to the hardness of our water. This residue reduces the flow of water and produces ugly flakes at your fixtures. Flushing your water heater, also known as Descaling, is part of its regular maintenance for a long healthy life.

This process involves circulating a solution through the heat exchanger that will eliminate the mineral deposits. This process should only be performed by an authorized Rinnai or Noritz technician to uphold your warranty.

Call Florida Power House for our Noritz-Logo-High or  Logo_Rinnai_color yearly Maintenance!

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