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Generators and Parts to Latin America and the Caribbean…
* Colombia * Venezuela * Puerto Rico * Dominican Republic * Dominica * Argentina * Mexico * Bolivia * Chile * Aruba * Nicaragua * Ecuador * Peru * Uruguay * Paraguay * Honduras * Costa Rica * Panama * Brasil * Guatemala * El Salvador * St. Kitts & Nevis * St Maarten * Bahamas * Cayman Islands * Barbados * Belize * Cuba Soon and More…




Parts & Accessories
We’re the Top service provider to South America and the Caribbean!
It’s easy to do business with us… Here’s How!

  1. Email us with your request for quote. Tell us what brand, model, Kw or Kva. All the details you have or want.
  2. Your quote will be directed to the proper representative to provide you with price or any information pending and suggestions.
  3. Once you receive your quote and decide to purchase you must send us your PO and prepare your wire transfer. Our rep will provide you with all the bank info.
  4. When funds have cleared and we receive the wire transfer confirmation we will initiate the shipping process. We do not accept credit cards for export.
  5. If your order is in stock we will immediately set up delivery to your Freight Forwarder within that week.
  6. If your equipment is not in stock we will place your order with factory
  7. Factory orders have on average an estimated 4-6 week arrival at our warehouse
  8. You can verify the status of your order online with us or call us and your rep will advise you of the status. This process is very standard so a status check of the order will only be necessary after 4 weeks (on a factory order).
  9. We deliver to a local Freight Forwarder of your choice with required documents once your generator arrives.
  10. At this point we have concluded the transaction but not our customer support!
  11. You are responsible for paying any taxes, duties and/or customs fees charged by your government for the import of your equipment or parts. Please check with your local authority for more information.

English and Spanish speaking customer service reps are ready to assist you.

Call us toll free at (877) 783-5230 or locally at (305) 256-0241



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