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Commercial Generator Installations

A lot of Customers Depend on You to open your doors for business every day.

A Power Outage Could Cost you more than Lost Sales $ for One Day…

It Could Cost You Lost Customers!

For your business, losing power for even a few hours can mean the loss of productivity and income. Having a Commercial Power Generator in place will ensure your business is safe and can stay open to serve your customers.
We offer a comprehensive line of commercial power generation products including Diesel, Gasoline, and Propane Generators.
During any type of power loss, your business will always have electricity with a reliable Florida Power House backup generator system.
Understanding your power demands and providing an affordable solution is the essence of our business. Our Free Consultation reviews your current electrical systems and identifies all of your key business power needs during an outage.

Reliability is at the Heart of every Power System that we Install and Service.

Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Gas & Convenience, Health Care, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications & Data Centers, Government & Services, Banking & Business

Gas-Station- PIC

Gas Station & Convenience Store
A Power Outage will Shut Down Critical Systems = Loss of Revenue…
Refrigerators, Freezers & Gas pumps need to keep going so your customers keep coming.
Sales for Coffee, Beer and Prepared Foods lost, can equal an estimated average of $445.00 per hour when your registers don’t work and your pumps can’t pump!

Super Market Meat PIC

Super Markets
Meats, Fish, Milk and Prepared Foods will Quickly Perish = That’s a lot to Throw Away…
A Supermarket is a very Energy Intensive Business!
About half of a Super Market’s energy consumption comes from refrigeration.
Customers need you after the Storm, and Rely on you to provide basic perishables.

Restaurants & Food Service PIC

Restaurants & Food Service
Imagine Lights, equipment, refrigerators, freezers, and computer systems going down…
Financial loss due to spoiled food, and the customer’s bad experience will impact your business!
The success of any dining establishment depends on customer satisfaction and desire to return.
Be the one who can keep those doors open when others are still closed… Imagine the rewards!
Button Case Study

Restaurant Case Study Florida Keys
Button for Gen Fuel Consumption

Propane Fuel Consumption Chart
Button Commercial Generac

Commercial Generators

In an Extended Outage, you could Lose Customers to your competitors…
But with your Generator, your competitor will be losing customers to You!

That’s the Competitive edge that a Standby Generator and a Florida Power House Maintenance Plan will provide for you!

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