In Florida, a generator for your home is a great investment due to the constant threats of tropical storms and hurricanes. On top of convenience and comfort, a generator also prevents accidents from happening and keeps the individuals in the home or building safe.

How Generators Work

A generator is a source of backup power that allows your electrical systems to continue to work in the event of a power outage. When the power goes out, a generator can detect this automatically and is able to switch on within seconds. There are a variety of generator options available depending on your requirements including whole-house generators and portable backup generators.


  • Whole-House Generators – Whole-house generators connect directly to your home’s electrical system and are able to restore power to all areas of your home when the power goes out. This means that all of your major appliances will continue to work including your heating and cooling systems, your refrigeration system, your hot water system, your lighting systems, and your television and other entertainment items. In most cases, whole-house generators require diesel, natural gas, or propane to fuel the system. 


  • Portable Backup Generators – Portable backup generators are usually used to restore power to smaller appliances, such as a television or a fan. What appliances they power differs based on the size of the generator itself. Portable generators are not as effective as the whole-house generators and can be a bit more hazardous to operate, but they are of great value during a power outage.

How Does a Generator Protect Your Home?

Besides the obvious convenience, comfort, and security that a generator provides, it can also save you money in the long-haul by preventing further damage to your home during a power outage. Some of the major ways you can save on costs with a generator include:

  • A generator allows you to remain in your home, therefore, you will save on expensive hotel stays.
  • A generator prevents the spoilage of food by keeping your refrigerator running as it should.
  • A generator helps prevent your home from theft because it keeps your security system and cameras running.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Backup Generator?

There is a wide range of advantages when you install a standby generator for your home or business. Some of the major advantages include:

  • Automatic restoration of backup power once a power outage is detected.
  • Consistent comfort throughout the power outage
  • Allows food to last longer and provides a constant supply of water
  • Allows businesses to continue to operate even during a power outage to prevent loss of revenue
  • Sends alerts when a maintenance or repair issue occurs
  • Has the capability to hold several days or even several weeks of fuel for operation
  • Allows for the use of entertainment electronics including TVs and computers
  • Provides comfort by allowing your cooling system to continue to run
  • Options for either a whole-house power backup or sections of the house 
  • Easy and safe to operate during storms and other natural disasters

To protect your home or business from power outages, contact Florida Power House at 305-256-0241 today.

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